The Pendelum Clock

The pendulum clock is based on the pendulum's law, which states that the periods of a pendulum's swing are equal and constant, for small arcs.

Every clock (or watch) is based on a periodical movement which is transmitted to uniform circular motion of gears and the hands of the clock. The transmission of the periodical motion to circular motion is done through a special device called an escapement. The escapement of a pendulum clock consists usually an oscillating system linked with the pendulum and an escape wheel of special shape. The oscillator has two tooths, which prevent the movement of the wheel. Once every two swings of the pendulum the wheel is allowed to escape one tooth. In the motion the wheel transmits an impulse to the pendulum, which certified its motion against friction. The wheel gets power from separate mechanism of gears, mostly from a spring. The movement of the wheel is translated by a system of gears to the movement of the clock's hands which show the time.

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