Operating Instructions:

How to move about in the museum.
How to Activate Exhibits.
Working the Telescope.
Experimenting with the principles of the pendulum and the inclined plane.

Instructions :

You are about to enter the boulevard of exhibits. On each side of the boulevard are small rooms, and in each room, one exhibit.
On your right - a pendulum, a water clock and an inclined plane.
On your left - a telescope and models of the planets.
At the end of the boulevard is Galileo's pavilion. At its center is the entrance and on the right side a mail box from which you can send us your reactions and impressions.
If you continue straight you reach Galileo's room which holds exhibits related to his various activities and projects.

How to move around in the museum:

Press the buttons -

How to Activate Exhibits:

To activate exhibits you use the mouse.
Clicking on the middle button when you are close to and facing an exhibit, extends a hand that activates that exhibit.
Clicking on the right button brings up pictures, while an additional click on the button causes them to go away.
In the pendulum room the hand activates the pendulum.
In the telescope room the hand brings up an explanation about the telescope (in HTML).
In Galileo's room the hand, when directed toward the books brings up the Andera - Information Center.
In the entrance the hand, when extended to the mail box, brings up a page on which you can write your feedback in the Guest Book.

Helpful Hint Turn pictures on, look at them, and turn them off, before you continue on your tour.

Working the Telescope

The telescope is on the left side of the boulevard.
In order to look at the moon - advance toward the telescope,
click on the middle button of the mouse the hand will zoom in and show a ball covering the telescope.
With the aid of the arrow (via the mouse) set the telescope at the desired angle. you can also use the directional buttons ( +, - ) to aid you in orienting the telescope.
For optimal orientation, we recommend that the telescope be aimed up and the head raised ( + ).

An additional click on the middle button removes the covering ball, permitting you to gaze through the telescope.

Please take note of the fact that - using the directional button after you remove the ball this will cause you to zoom out, permitting you to continue on your tour of the museum.

Experimenting with the principles of the pendulum and the inclined plane.

The Swings

On the right side of the boulevard of exhibits is the playground. With the aid of the arrow (via the mouse) came to the right corner of the swing, and click on the middle button of the mouse.
You can see how the principle of the pendulum works, an additional click, stops the motion of the swing.

The Slides

Continue your tour toward the slides. When you arrive at the triangle, click on the middle button of the mouse. A hand will be outstretched and you will be able to climb up and slide down the slide, experimenting with the principle of the inclined plane.

Only after you have finished sliding can you continue on your tour.

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