Prof. David Chen - Head of the Science and Technology Education Center.
Dr. David Mioduser - Head of the Knowledge Technology Lab.
Dr. Avigail Oren - Head of the "Knowmagine" project.
Orly Lahav - Project Coordinator.
Research and Development team :
Dr. Avigail Oren
Dr. David Mioduser
Orly Lahav
Shaul Katzir
Dr. Gil Amit
3D Park Design - MIchael Kreimer, Ram Efron
2D Graphics Design - Dana Gross, Ram Efron

Numerous institutions and individuals contribute to this project, and we are indebted to them for their encouragement and support. We wish to thank to:

The Ministry of Science and Technology, Information SuperHighways Project.
The Ministry of Education, Culture and Sports.
Science and Technology Education Center, Tel-Aviv University.

The project is being developed with the support of :
Computation Center, Tel-Aviv University.
Silicon Graphics, Israel.

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