Is he asking that question again?

When, after a five-year hiatus, this project was reinitiated I noted that one of the central causes of its continued silence was the fact that from its start a basic impetus for the Boidem was a questioning examination of something perceived as new and different. These columns continually asked whether digitality and our immigration to what we then chose to view as a framework apart from “real life” was really all that different. Even “back then” that was a valid question, and since then, as we’ve continued to blur the barriers between what we once referred to as “virtual life” and its “real” counterpart, it has become even more valid. So even though I continue to ask whether there's still anything special about cyberspace it becomes harder and harder to find issues that illustrate that difference and thus merit a column. At this point in the integration of the internet into our lives it would seem that it no longer presents us with anything truly special or distinct. And it's precisely for that reason that almost half a year into this renewed project, the ongoing continuation of the Boidem remains problematic.

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