Since when is the internet limiting?

Did I really write "the confines of the internet", and isn't there something oxymoronic about that phrase? For good reason we tend to view the internet as limitless, as able to continue to expand as long as we continue to create more and more digital content that we post there. How could that possibly be "confining"? But there's a different sort of confinement at work here. Someone famous outside of the internet can make good use of the digital reality of the web, becoming even better known via the tools the web offers. But moving in the opposite direction, from being a web celebrity to one recognized in "real life" is considerably more difficult. It happens, and when it does it usually gets reported in the media. But thousands, if not tens of thousands, of people post materials on the web, hoping in that way to jumpstart their careers beyond solely digital fame. And very, very few of them succeed.

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