Do I have one now?

I usually refer to my personal web site as "my static web site", in that way emphasizing the fact that, unlike the Boidem that gets a new column (hopefully) every month, or my blog that seems constantly to be whispering in my ear "update me now, update me now!", I don't feel compelled to change it very frequently. Over the years I've remembered that, because I haven't been updating that site, the ages of my kids listed there are no longer correct. But I've more or less solved this problem by noting that their listed ages are accurate to the latest update of that particular page, and since at the bottom of the page anyone can readily see when it was last updated, some simple arithmetic on the reader's part frees me from the necessity of returning to that page after each birthday and updating it. Actually, I do update that site, but with a frequency much more in tune to a Web 1.0 ethos, than to one that derives from Web 2.0. Long ago I understood that my static web site is basically my business card, and since at the moment I'm not looking for work, there's no pressing need to print new copies.

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